Cheaper Warmane Lordaeron Gold & Classic WoW WOTLK Gold for Sale?
Look no further!

We sell gold for Lordaeron, Wrath of the Lich King realm - of the popular Warmane WoW (former Molten) Servers.

1000-30000 Gold Packages Available for Lordaeron

Update: 5th June 2022 - This website used to be part of the V7 Gaming network, selling gold for Warmane Lordaeron WOTLK WoW. Since the announcement of WOTLK Classic by Blizzard Entertainment, we are moving our services to our main websites. If you are looking to buy gold wotlk classic, then visit the WOTLK WoW Gold on Gold4Vanilla.

We are selling gold since the realm was started, and we have finally decided to put up a website which makes purchasing gold
easier and safer for you (rather than using forums or unknown sellers). The packages are available in USD and EUR for your convinience.

Available Packages in $USD

Gold Amount
Faction Alliance/Horde
Character Name
Your e-mail address

Available Packages in €EUR

Gold Amount
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The 5 Reasons to use

1. Very Fast Gold Delivery

Our team consists of several people and we usually have someone available at any time to service you right away

2. 100% Safety Guaranteed.

Our trading methods are 100% safe and effective. We won't get your account compromised or suspended from Warmane's services.

3. Over 1500+ Deals Done - All Safe!

Since Lordaeron's launch back in the Autumn, we have successfully completed over 1500+ gold transfers without a single issue. We are doing dozen of transfers each day and we are well interconnected with all of the major server gold farmers, which allows us to know the safe trade secrets before anyone else.

4. Absolutely No Spam!

Unlike our competitors who would never bother to service you via professional website, or even a simple forum post - we never spam in-game in order to force you to buy from us. We rely on obtaining you as our client by word-of-mouth and previous satisfied customers, as well as through google / bing and similar services.

No spamming is also important for account safety. Traders who spam the trade channels are usually taken down and suspended quickly because they iritate the rest of the players.

5. Refund Policy!

If you don't get your purchased gold you will get your money back - that's our guarantee. While we do strive to deliver as fast as possible, even within minutes of your order, our Refund Policy is applicable if it happens that you don't receive the purchased gold within 24 hours.

How our service works!
  • 1st Step): Make a purchase using our payment forms for currency of your choice (USD / EUR), or contact us on skype: WOTLK.Gold
  • 2nd Step): Once the payment is confirmed and verified by our team members, we will deliver the gold to you.
  • 3rd Step): That's all :)
  • For more information, contact us on which offers WOTLK gold for sale.